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Feb 28, 2014 4:00am EST
. the judge said any laws that argue otherwise would violate the 14th amendment. governor chris christie has just about had it with questions related to the lane closures on the george washington bridge. when asked recently about the activities of his staff, christie responded what do you do? grab them by the ankles and shake them upside down until e-mails fall out of their pockets? on a related note, the 911 calls are set to be released this morning. so how many poll situations who pledge to donate their salary to charity during the government shutdown actually kept their word? at least 116 of the 244 lawmakers who pledged donated almost $500,000 to charity and government accounts so i guess 47% ain't too bad for a bunch of politicians. and out of 10,000 submissions to apple for a statue honoring steve jobs, this is what apple has deemed the winner? created by a famed sculptor, it features his head. he calls it a magnet pulling in different items. bill says it looks like a coat crack but a 16 foot tall version will grace apple headquaters nonetheless. >>> carmax is planning to
Feb 28, 2014 4:30am EST
calls today. last september, members of governor chris christie's administration closed lanes on the bridge as part of political payback. thousands of people were stuck in traffic for hours. christie has said he was totally unaware of plans to close those lanes. >>> this morning we're getting an idea of how many lawmakers are giving -- how much lawmakers are giving back from their salaries after the government shutdown. last october, many on capitol hill pledged to return or donate the money they earned during the 16-day shutdown. according to the "washington post," maryland congressman john delaney donated more than $7,600 to the mercy health clinic of gaithersburg. virginia senator mark warner donated about $7,100 to the federal employee education and assistance fund. virginia's other senator, tim kaine, asked to have his sellry withheld. and maryland's senator declined his pay unless furloughed wocompaensated. two other who's did not respond to the "post's" requests, bob goodlatte and house jamajority leader eric cantor. >>> new details on a story you saw first on news4. a local w
Feb 27, 2014 5:00pm EST
governor chris christie joking about causing other traffic problems. this time outside home to of a new jersey rabbi. the emails from david wildstein to a traffic agency and bridget anne kelly were exchanged days after closing the george washington bridge. he told the paper he has no idea why he was the subject of a traffic joke. >>> a discovery in space. 715 new planets and there could be life on some of them. the planet hunting telescope discovered the planets outside of our solar system. four of them orbit stars in what's called habitable zones where the climate is right to sustain life. after this big discovery there are now 1700 known planets in our galaxy. >>> the new ben's chili bowl is taking shape in arlington. it's scheduled to open march 6th. bill crosby will be on hand for the new event. it's ben's first restaurant in virginia. >>> riding metro will soon take a bigger chunk out of your budget. fares are seat to go up. >> parking in metro lots will cost more, transportation reporter adam tuss is live at gallery place with a breakdown on how this proposed increase will roll ou
Feb 28, 2014 6:00am EST
. officials in ft. lee, new jersey, releasing calls today. last september members of governor chris christie's administration closed the lanes as part of a political payback. >>> we're expecting to learn the names of two people killed in two separate homicides in the district. someone shot an 18-year-old on hally terrace near danbury street last night. he died at the hospital. and we're also working to learn more about a woman shot and killed thr h
Mar 1, 2014 7:00am EST
governor chris christie. he, of course, has been embroiled in this whole bridge trafc jam controversy. and on that point, we are hearing for the first time some of the frustration from drivers who were stuck in that epic traffic jam after the governor's aides ordered the shutdown of traffic lanes leading into the george washington bridge. 911 tapes from those chaotic hours have been released, and stephanie gosk has the details. >> reporter: the anger and confusion can be heard in their voices. >> ft. lee traffic is a nightmare. >> the gw bridge is totally gridlocked. >> reporter: anyone unlucky enough to get stuck at the foot of the george washington bridge those four days last september will likely not forget it. a nightmare that we now know was deliberately created by a staffer for new jersey governor chris christie. friday, new jersey officials released 28 hours of 911 calls and police radio dispatches recorded when school buses, emergency workers and thousands of drivers got stuck for hours. >> we're getting calls from irate motorists. >> reporter: emergency workers struggled to g
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5